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Overall lyra2v3 performance

Type Chip Hashrate Power H/W Cost* Reward Profit** Int Freq
GPU2080 Ti127.253 MH260 W489.853 kH0.092111.151951.05984231700
GPUTesla V100120.394 MH294 W410.201 kH0.104071.089860.98579191530
GPU2080 SUPER110.031 MH299 W367.626 kH0.106130.996050.88992241875
GPU208082.798 MH202 W410.851 kH0.071460.749530.67807231828
GPUX Pascal81.421 MH245 W332.33 kH0.086870.737060.65018231531
GPU1080 Ti73.998 MH219 W338.039 kH0.077620.669870.59225201653
GPU2070 SUPER67.891 MH108 W627.238 kH0.038380.614580.57620241798
GPU207061.255 MH121 W504.568 kH0.043050.554500.51146231708
GPU206057.291 MH118 W485.518 kH0.041840.518630.47678241830
GPU108054.501 MH161 W338.251 kH0.057130.493370.43624221816
GPU1070 Ti52.303 MH147 W355.336 kH0.052190.473470.42128231684
GPU1660 Ti47.808 MH108 W442.855 kH0.038280.432780.39450221814
GPU980 Ti43.356 MH259 W167.397 kH0.091840.392480.30064-1291
GPUP104-10042.751 MH137 W311.596 kH0.048650.387000.33835231733
GPU107042.364 MH142 W297.808 kH0.050440.383490.33305211747
GPU165029.362 MH71 W411.233 kH0.025320.265800.24048211767
GPUP106-10027.913 MH86 W325.829 kH0.030380.252680.22230191708
GPU1060 6GB26.938 MH87 W308.864 kH0.030930.243850.21293221771
GPU1060 3GB26.772 MH92 W291.963 kH0.032510.242350.20984181758
GPU1050 Ti17.362 MH---0.15717-151504
GPU980M16.02 MH---0.14502-20-
GPU105014.946 MH---0.13530-201518
GPU750 Ti8.287 MH46 W*178.739 kH0.016440.075020.05858201099
GPU840M5.17 MH---0.04680--1124
GPU730M2.249 MH---0.02036-17758

* Device power cost per day based on 0.25 USD per kWh
** Reward and profit are based on the average estimates from the last 24 hours

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